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meetings are not as of old than [indecipherable] rabble; but innumerous bodies well organized & well [indecipherable] - At these meetings they do nothing violent & hence they are far more to be feared  than  Hornets & Cobbity rabble.  If the Lords refuse the contest will be Sharp but Short & not a bloody one - if the King was against it, it wld. be otherwise because the army wld obey the King whatever way he was or endorsed - They will now only be used on the defensive & to keep order & assist not displace the civil powers.  But the public  [indecipherable] are too wise now to commit any disorder so as to call for the interference of Military. Be assured the reform will not of itself do good but will lead to good - even the  [indecipherable] are now at the 11th hour for a transformation reform which had they not opposed a year ago would have satisfied the people, but it will not now 

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