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cut through and the Station thereby rendered inoperative.  A party under Lieut. Bond and accompanied by Capt. Travers remained in possession of the Wireless Station during the night.  As the Wireless Station had been rendered useless and there was little hope of repairs being effected for some time, I directed that it be abandoned - the instruments being first removed - and that the party there should retire to the Coast.

Commander Beresford was directed yesterday to furnish a full report on the day's operations together with a list of Casualties; this has not yet been received, but as far as I am aware, they are as follows:-

Captain Pockley A.A.M.C.
Commander Elwell  R.A.N.
A.B. Williams

Lieut. Bowen R.A.N.
A.B. Sullivan T.
        Tonks J.
         Skillen A.P.W.

From information received by me up to the present in the absence of Commander Beresford's report, the three Officers referred to, also Lieut. Bond, who accepted the surrender of the Wireless Station, and Capt. Travers (Intelligence Officer), who accompanied him, acted in a very gallant way.  Capt. Pockley removed the Red Cross badge from his arm and handed it over to one of his men who was without, and paid the penalty with his life.  I wish to specially mention these five Officers.

I have no information as to the total casualties on the Enemy's side, but know that there were quite a number.  Amongst the prisoners taken by my force were three German Officers, Capt. Wuchert (Commanding Armed Native Constabulary), Lieut Mayer (an Officer of the Regular German Army) and Lieut Kempf, about sixteen white N.C.O.s and men


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