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Copy for 1st Lieut. Mayer

Herbertshohe, the 12th August 1914.

Message from Herbertshohe at 1 p.m.  
An English Torpedo boat has just landed a Boat at the New Guinea Company's Wharf.

As an officer was asking for the officer in charge of the Station I addressed him.  He asked where if I was the Governor's Secretary. Was I said No.  He further asked where the wireless station was.  I replied, I dared not tell him. He further asked if I was connected with the Governor's Secretary and with the wireless station.  I denied this. The officer then said, I wish to communicate to the Governor's Private Secretary that unless the wireless station was immediately disconnected Rabaul and Herbertshohe would be shelled.  I then told him that to the best of my belief the Wireless Station could not telegraph.   He then said, the Station had just then telegraphed.  I told him this was unlikely (impossible).  I was then to show him the position of the Station on the map.  To which I declined.  The officer, who spoke German, then wrote out the following for the Private Secretary of the Governor.

"You are to inform the Governor that if wireless signals are not stopped instantly you are to fire on Rabaul and Herbertshohe.

From British Admiral to Torpedo Destroyers.


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