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For the convenience of the inhabitants and present military garrison, of the above Administration, and to insure the financial stability of the Possessions, a Government Saving Bank has been opened at the Treasury Department for the receipt of any sum of 5 Marks.  All accounts under this heading are payable on demand.

A Commercial Bank has been opened for dealing with ordinary Banking Business; accounts being operated on by cheque.

Arrangements are being made for the transmission of money by draft, through the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, at the ordinary rates of Exchange.

The Administrator has been pleased to authorise the issue of Treasury Notes, which will be accepted throughout the Military Government of New Guinea, as legal tender, during the period of the present Administration.

This will greatly facilitate the regaining of normal conditions, which have been disturbed owing to the temporary isolation of the Possessions from the Commercial World.

The Government is particularly desirous of assisting all residents, planters, and commercial houses in carrying out their business obligations, and for this purpose will be pleased to assist in any way possible.

Financial arrangements can be made with the Bank on approved securities.

(Sgd) Walter Fry.

[Note in margin] See Treasurer  WH

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