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New Guinea under white officers.  These men are armed with a carbine and native knife.  Presumably the whole of the white population is trained in arms and is provided with rifles.  There are two old guns at Herbertshohe. [Note in Margin] (Mr. Whittle) magazine rifle & side arm

Climate:  The climate is unfavourable to Europeans.


Is the southernmost island of the Pelew Group about 5 miles in length in a N.E. to S.W. direction.

Population - Notice about 3,000 in the Pelew Group, the white population is unknown, but is probably very small.

Armed force - None recorded but possibly a small force of native policy under a German.

Supplies - Probably very small.

Water - Good on an adjacent island (Mal-Akal)


A Dano-German cable centre and site for two wireless stations. The principal island is Yap which is situated in the Caroline Archipelago amidst low coral atolls surrounded by reefs.

The seat of government is at Kais on the Western shore of Tomil harbour on the East side of the island.

There is a coal depot (600 tons) in the vicinity.

The entrance to Tomil Bay is not difficult.

Communications - Roads are good; one encircles the island and 5 others connect East and West Coasts.

Supplies and Water - In small quantities probably sufficient for the local population only. [Note in Margin]: Mr. Whittle salt water filtering thro coral brackish

Population - In 1905 the white population of the West Carolines was 47; including 16 Germans; owing to the installation of Wireless Telegraphy the German population has now probably increased.  Natives 13,436.

Armed Forces - 71 Native police under white command.

Distances - The distance from Yap to Hong Kong is 1,500 miles; from Rabaul to YAP 1,000 miles (all districts are in a straight line, and the actual steaming distance would be greater.


Current Status: