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28th November: From Chief of the General Staff:
"Arrange to proceed with united (?) companies, field and machine guns, and one months provisions in vessels available, destination to be obtained from Destroyer Yarra on arrival about 30th November.  Take "Nusa" and "Gabriel" and any sea going motor launches available.  Other Destroyers meet you there with full instructions.  Have all smart island craft at Rabaul held up for one week after your departure."

30th November: To Minister Defence:
"As I have received no notification cancellation my appointment as Administrator, am doubtful of my position on arrival here of Colonel Pethebridge. Does he supersede me at once as Administrator of all late German possessions now under my jurisdiction or am I to continue until 6 months service has expired, then transfer to Pethebridge and return Australia for further service.:

30 November: From Destroyer Yarra:
"Yarra" and "Elax" will enter Port at daylight to-morrow."

1st December:
Copy of message received by "Yarra" from Navy Board.
"From Rabaul you are to proceed to Frederick Wilhelmshafen with "Elax", arriving there on Decr. 4th.  "Warrego" and "Parramatta" will meet you there orders.  Cover transportation troops to Frederick Wilhelmshafen if the Administrator desires it.  "Nusa" should accompany you.  "Gabriel" if met with is to be seized and taken with you.  Exert (Give) out falsely destination Bougainville.  Inform Colonel Holmes of your destination.  Ack. receipt of this."

2nd December:  From "Yarra to Navy Board:
"Arrived with "Elax" today. Your message 0015 received. (1st December).

2nd December: From Secretary Defence:
"Your telegram 30th Novr. recd.  Assume same despatched before receipt my telegram 24th Novr. which think makes position clear."

4th December: To Navy Board:
"Wireless Station Nauru undamaged. Mast still standing.  See my wireless report to Minister 16th Novr. also despatch. (This message delayed in despatch)."

5th December: From Secretary Defence:
"It is necessary to send food supplies at once to Bougainville.  What steps do you propose to take to occupy that Island."

Current Status: