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Flagship to Brigadier, 5-40 p.m.:- With reference to signal of 6-45 from Commdr. Beresford; I suppose you are dealing with the matter as I am not doing so.  I do not understand why party at W/T station have been delayed so long, or the reference to motor lorry.  Do you? A guard has been posted at the pier head; please relieve it as soon as convenient.

"Sydney" to "Berrima" 6-55 pm: Please send your motor boat to meet me on arrival.  I have important despatch for O.C. Troops and his despatch bearer.

Brigadier to Flagship, 6-0 pm:- Commander Beresford was directed when retiring from Wireless Stn. to remove instruments.  Motor lorry evidently required to facilitate this duty.  Do not apprehend any difficulty, although I have had no report yet of his arrival at Herbertshohe. Naval guard at pier will be relieved immediately.

O.C. Rabaul Garrison to Brigadier, 7-55 pm:-  The Mayor the town, who is now with me, has formally handed over the town of Rabaul, which includes the mountainous country on the North of Tonanumnatik (1708) feet.  I am in touch with my advance guard 1 mile North-east of town and ½ Coy. along the coast road North of Native Hospital.  Guards have been posted at post office, Govt. Buildings (2),  Mayor's house, and New Guinea Coy's stores, where the main body is in bivouac, also a section on South side of town.

O.C. Rabaul Garrison to Brigadier, 8-5 p.m.:- Have ascertained that town is very short of provisions and Chinese population has been giving some trouble on account of a shortage of food.  A temporary dressing station has been established at the Government Offices, which are also my head quarters for the present.  I have a small guard on the road leading from the wharf at the inter-section of the first street, about 50 yards from wharf.  I have met with no resistance.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 8-15 p.m.:- Please let me know when you proposed to hoist flag, as I wish to fire a salute, and I may be present myself.

Brigadier to R.A.C., O.C. Garrison Troops reports Mayor has formally handed over town of Rabaul; guards have been posted on principal buildings and advance guards thrown out.  Main body of troops remaining in town.  A promise has been made that a reply will be given to my letter to Governor at 4-30 p.m. to-morrow.  Propose to hoist Flag at 3.0 p.m. to-morrow.

Shore Stln. to Brigadier, 8-46 p.m.: Submitted: Advance guard 1 & ½ miles from town; all quiet.

Flagship to General and Brigadier, 9-2 p.m.:- Opportunity for mails tomorrow.  Letters to be on board "Melbourne" by 4-0 p.m.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 9-20 p.m.:- I have reported progress to date. Have you any despatch you would like to send.


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