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Complete nominal rolls were made out; H.Q. Staff promotions and appointments arranged and inserted in Orders for 7/9/114.

Orders were issued so that all routine coincided with H.M.A.S. "Berrima".

7/9/'14: Arrangements made with Officers for cleaning of ship and areas to be cleaned by -

(a) The ship's company.
(b) The stewards.
(c) The troops.

Return of subjects in which troops were instructed each day, to be forwarded to the Adjutant.

Arrangements were made for Sick Parade at 7-0 am and 4-0 pm daily, with sick reports from each Company and the A.M.C. Officer.

All kit-bags to be marked in white paint, with name and regimental number, and positions allotted to each Company to stack same.

At 12-30 p.m. when about 45 miles S.E. of Round Head, the firemen refused to work.

Captain Ward stated that the firemen demanded increased wages and plenty of fresh water.

The following signals were exchanged with the fleet:-

(1) From S.S. "Kanowna" - Crew have mutinied; require assistance.

(2) From H.M.A.S. "Warrego" - "Heave to; will send an Officer and guard aboard".

(3) From "Warrego" - Provide armed guard and force them to work; give further details.

(4) To "Warrego" - "Have armed guard with bayonets fixed and firemen on decks.

(5) From "Warrego" - "Call for Volunteers from troops to stand by to fire ship, and place firemen in irons."

(6) To "Warrego" - "Have 35 men by to fire ship, firemen on deck under armed guard."

(7) From H.M.A.S. "Sydney" - Proceed to Townsville via Magnetic Passage and wait for orders; find whether firemen will work ship to Townsville."

(8) To "Sydney" - I can take the ship to Townsville; have plenty of volunteers from troops.

(9) From "Sydney" to O.C. Troops - "Take charge of ship, see that my orders are carried out, secure all mutineers."

When volunteers were called for 350 men immediately offered to act as firemen.  The strikers were confined to their quarters under guard.  Names of strikers attached hereto.

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