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Administrator to Flagship: 10-10am.  May prisoners be sent Sydney by "Murex". Some were allowed on shore on parole yesterday, but they are tampering with natives; wish them deported.  If they cannot go by "Murex" would suggest that in view of "Berrima's" departure, they be sent "Aorangi" under guard.

Brigade Major to Brigadier, 10-40am: I have been trying since 7-30 to get a signal through and forward particulars.  The papers will explain.  I am unable to give the oath here and am forwarding all prisoners by P. Marshal to "Berrima".  The Governor I expect with Officials in an hour's time.  Can "Madan" be sent back immediately for them and their baggage.

Brigade Major to Briadier, 2-45pm: In August Dr. Haber ordered Wilhelmshafen reservists concentrate here.  Message just received from Dr. Haber than an Officer and approximately 40 men landed at Weberhaven from a transport and marched yesterday to Paulil.  Haber sends this morning notifying cessation of hostilities and ordering them to surrender themselves Rabaul or Herbertshohe.

Flagship to "Berrima", 4-15pm: With reference to my 1532. Total of guard and prisoners must not exceed 45, therefore total of prisoners must be reduced.

Flagship to "Nerrima": Your 1510: I consider the proportion of guard to prisoners is insufficient, especially as they are in charge of a Non-comm. Officer (1532).

Flagship to "Berrima", 5-20pm: Have you any news of proceedings at Herbertshohe today.

"Berrima" to Flagship, 6-50pm: Governor surrendered with four Officers, 15 Officials, 37 white Non-comm. Officers and men, and one hundred and twenty natives.  Governor staying night at Herbertshohe; reports here early tomorrow.  Half Coy. Infantry at Toma to receive reinforcements sent from Wilhelmshafen.

Vice-Admiral to Administrator, 7-40pm: Could the name of the vessel that brought party from Frederick Wilhelmshafen be obtained.


Administrator to V.A.C., 7-55pm: Tried last night to ascertain, but all professed ignorance; will try again.

Flagship to "Berrima", 9-33pm: I think it would be much better if German Officer was placed on board "Encounter" so that he might go ashore with the flag of truce, and thereby facilitate matters.  This was put down in the orders.  Request he should be sent there at once. 0925.

Administrator to Flagship, 9-50pm: As German Officer declines to act in this capacity have sent Interpreter in lieu.  Reply recd. - Thank you .


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