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11TH SEPTEMBER, 1914 (Continued):-

"Sydney" to Brigadier, 4.30 p.m.:- shall I send Chaplain to you? Reply - "Yes".

Brigadier to "Sydney, 4-35 p.m.:- Permission to half mast colors when funeral party leaves ship.  Reply - Approved.

"Sydney" to Brigadier, 4-38 p.m.:- I am informed from the shore party will return at 4-30 alright; I think you will not be able to get to Kabakaul and back before dark.  In any case "Berrima" must shift from here as you are masking my fire.

"Australia" to "Encounter", 4-50 p.m.:- "Australia" will be approaching Simpsonhafen at daylight from North.

Flagship to "Warrego", 4-30 p.m.:- Let Commander Beresford know that there will be large reinforcements landed in the morning.

"Warrego" to Flagship: Am acting in accordance with your desire and gradually withdrawing to Pier, unless in the meantime the negotiations for the surrender of the wireless have been successful.

Flagship to Brigadier, 5-5 p.m.:- The Deputy Governor writes from Toma and states that he is not in a position to surrender; the Protectorate of Rabaul and Herbertshohe are unfortified, and he states there are no mines in the harbour or roadside.

"Berrima" to "Sydney", 5-7 p.m.:- We are not going to Kaba Kaul till daylight.  What time do you wish us to shift.  Reply as convenient.

Brigadier to Flagship, 5-15 p.m.:- Commdr. Stevenson considers it inadvisable to go to Kabakaul tonight, as could not return here before dark.  Propose leaving here 5-15 to-morrow and will commence attack from both Herbertshohe and Kabakaul immediately you have shelled as arranged.  Propose landing stores tonight for Herbertshohe garrison.

"Warrego" to Brigadier, 5-32 p.m.:- My information was previous to Commdr. Beresford. Fifty men with a flag of truce conducted by a captured German have proceeded to the W/T Station with the view for negotiations with the Officer there, for an unconditional surrender.  I am sending about 30 black prisoners and 2 white under guard to "Australia" now.  Commdr. Beresford proposes camping about three-quarters of a mile inland from the Pier awaiting result of negotiations.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 5-55 p.m.:- I concur in your dispositions, but they may have surrendered by then.

"Berrima" to "Sydney", 6-0 p.m.:- Permission to shift berth,.  Reply - Approved.

"Sydney" to "Berrima", 7-0 p.m.:- Darken ship as soon as you have finished with anchor and boat work.

Flagship to "Warrego", 7-0 p.m.:- What rank are they?  You must keep them for the night.

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