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O.C. Rabaul Garrison to Brigadier, 9-25 p.m.:- Everything quiet in town and on outpost line.  Further guards have been placed at Club, Mayor's house and Police Barracks.  O.C. H.Coy. reports signal message native boy shot.

O.C. 'A" coy. to Brigadier, 9-30 p.m.:- Submitted. Native Boy shot; am investigating.

Brigadier to Commdr. Beresford: When will I receive your reports of the events of 11th.  Forward complete list of casualties.


Brigadier to Flagship: 6-20 a.m. As you have no doubt reported successful occupation of Herbertshohe and Rabaul, and the other steps taken to date, and furnished list of killed and wounded, nothing further is, I think, required to be sent by wireless, except tht all are well, no sickness whatever.  I will send despatch by mail today.

Brigadier to Flagship, 6-35 a.m.:-  Have you any prisoners on Men-0"-War? If so can you supply total, and will you transfer to me.  I have 11 Germans and 26 Natives.

R.A.C. Brigadier: 7-0 a.m.: I am still without any information as to particulars of ratings killed yesterday morning.

Brigadier to Flagship, 7-30 a.m.: Commander Beresford was instructed to forward a report to me early yesterday; this has not been received; a reminder has been sent this morning.  The casualties as far as known are -

Killed: - Capt. Pockley, Lt. Commdr. Elwell, A.B.s Williams, Courtney, Moffat.

Wounded:- Lt. Bowen, A.Bs Sullivan, Street, Tonks

One of the last three mentioned died soon afterwards; his name is not available at present.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 7-35 a.m.: I have reported result of operations and details, except as stated in my last signal to you.

Flagship to General, 7-20 a.m.;- Report at once number of prisoners of war on board.

Flagship to "Berrima", 7-32 a.m.:- Reply.  We have four white and thirty native and will transfer them when convenient to you.

Brigadier to Flagship, 8-15 a.m.:- Will you please cause all arms, ammunition, papers, etc. captured to be sent on board "Berrima".

Flagship to Brigadier, 8-35 a.m.:- Add to wounded A.P.W. Skillen.  The wounded man who died is evidently Street.  I can account for the others.

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