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Flagship to "Warrego" and "Berrima", 8-5 a.m.:- (Brigadier and Commander Beresford) - Before abandoning W/T Station it should be ascertained for certain whether station cannot be made use of for a considerable period.

Flagship to Brigadier, 8-5 a.m.:- It appears that W/T Station will take a long time to repair, therefore if you do not require to hold the station for military purposes, I agree that it should be abandoned.  Will you give your own orders as you think fit, but I think you will require a fairly large garrison at Herbertshohe and someone there to treat with the Governor.  I am proposing to the Admiralty to retain the whole of the troops in this vicinity until things have settled down here.

Brigadier to Flagship:  Have directed Beresford withdraw from wireless and move all his force Herbertshohe as garrison.  His strength will be four Naval Coys. and two machine guns.  Can "Warrego" take those at present at Kabakaul to Herbertshohe on her way to harbour to relieve Col. Watson's infantry, whom I am re-embarking "Berrima".  Will then move to Rabaul, carry out original plan.  Beresford instructed that treat with Governor if necessary.  Do not require more assistance from you.  Will advise Governor as to my commanding on shore.  Beresford already instructed remove instruments from wireless, but will definitely ascertain shortest time to reinstate this station.

Brigadier to Col. Watson, 8-55 a.m.:- Beresford instructed to relieve you at Herbertshohe.  He will probably be transported bty "Warrego" from Kabakaul.  Commence re-embarkation your force "Berrima" at once.

"Warrego" to Flagship (from Commdr. Beresford 9-15 a.m.:-

Flagship to "Warrego" for Commdr. Beresford, 9-15 a.m.:- The Brigadier requests that your party be withdrawn from W/T Station to Kabakaul and thence to Herbertshohe, to form part of garrison there.  Make certain that wireless is absolutely out of action before leaving station.

O.C. Infantry to Brigadier, 9-20 a.m.:- Shall I leave 12 pdr. for Beresford or return it to "Sydney"? - Reply - Return Field Gun to "Sydney".

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 9-21 a.m.:- Do you wish Commdr. Beresford's party to return to Herbertshohe by land or water.  Herbertshohe is apparently the seat of Government and your best chance of getting hold of Governor to make arrangements would appear to be from there.

Brigadier to R.A.C., 9-30 a.m. Wish Beresford's party at Kabakaul base transferred Herbertshohe by water; those now at wireless to march to Herbertshohe in order avoid delay.

Commander Beresford per "Warrego" to Flag. and Brigadier. 9-30 a.m.: Engineer who reported on wireless is a man who was leading telegraphist on board H.M.A.S. "Yarra" three years ago, named Rutzon.  Submit wireless expert may be landed to report.  Distance inland about 6 miles.

Commdr. Beresford to Flag and "Berrima": Reply Your 0800.  My communication between W/T Stn. and Pier s are open and appear quiet.  All firing has cased.


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