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H.M.A.S. "Berrima"


moved on; having destroyed Telephone connection and examined the Village, orders were issued for the return March.  The house of Horstmann had evidently been used as a Military Store, although he called it a Sanatorium, in a house apart from Horstmann a sick German Officer was found who promised to come in as soon as convalescent.  The return March was commenced at 4 p.m. GIRE GIRE was reached at 6 p.m.; at 4.30 a flag of truce was brought in by the Rear Guard and another letter from the Governor saying he would come in and interview the O.C. Forces with a view to discussing terms of surrender.  I sent a letter to the Governor making an appointment to meet the O.C. British Troops in HERBERTSHOHE at 11 a.m. 15th inst., the march was resumed and GIRE GIRE was reached at 6 p.m. where our A.M.C. has installed a Field Hospital, from here a cyclist was despatched to you with note detailing result of operations.  The Column started for HERBERTSHOHE at 6.30 p.m. and returned to Bivouac at 9 p.m.  During the march Natives were utilised for dragging the 12 Pounder Machine Guns and stretchers, the heat and up hill nature of the Country and the following heavy rain made the march out most arduous, the country in many places, except along the Coast Road, was absolutely impenetrable.  The Advance Guard work by Major Martin's Company was carried out excellently.  The flanking work was very trying and in many places impossible.  Mr. Webber with the 12 Pounder made good practice on the hills near TOMA.  Captain Lane worked out the scale of Ranges which enabled the Gunnery Officer of the "ENCOUNTER" to shell absolutely accurately the very position marked out as being occupied by the Enemy, I think the Officer directing the Guns should be complimented.  The men although very weary were quite fit, only one man fell out during the March.  The Naval detachment moved to MATINATA to cover my left flank, but at 7.30 received a message by cyclist on TOMA Road from Commander Beresford that the country

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