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9th October: From Navy, Melbourne:
"Thursday Is, hears signals in German Plain language at 4-45 a.m. Octr. 7th reporting "Australia" and all the large English Meno'-War had left Rabaul going East.  Did you hear the signals and can you estimate where it was made from?"

9th October: To Navy Board:
"Message not intercepted here; station believed to be working Tawanakus Bay; expedition has been despatched." Administrator.

15th October: To Minister Defence:
"Komet" captured with complete wireless outfit."

16th October: To Minister Defence:
"Your 0130 9th and my reply regarding German W/T Signals; in absence of fleet I commissioned "Nusa" armament 12 pdr., 3 pdr., and Maxim, under Lt. Commander Jackson, and Detachment Infantry, to proceed to North Coast, New Britain, and investigate as to presence of "Komet".  Expedition entirely successful; "Komet" captured with wireless complete.  Armament 1 Q.F. Gun. Captain, 4 German Officers, 52 Native Prisoners.  No casualties.  Have commissioned "Komet" and am sending her to Sydney under Jackson with late Governor and Prisoners. Desire on account urgent reasons administration, she be effectively armed and returned earliest possible date, Jackson in command; his local knowledge essential.  Details accompany "Komet". 2030-13th."

17th October: From Navy Board:
"Congratulate Officers and men responsible capturing "Komet"; request further details. 1142-15th.

22nd October: To Administrator: From Major Heritage:
"Occupied Kawieng, Saturday; arrived Garden Island captured "Siar", "Matupi" and "Senta"; conveying them Rabaul.  Expect anchoring harbour daylight to-morrow.  Consul Jolley and German Commissioner on board.  Lieut. Holmes administering Kawieng temporarily."

25th October:  To Minister Defence:
"Expedition under command Major Heritage hoisted flag Kawieng and proclaimed Military occupation, New Ireland, 17th inst.  He then proceeded to sea and following day surprised and captured vessels "Siar", "Matupi" and "Senta"; expedition returned this day, 23-10-14, with captured flotilla.  Consul Jolley and German Resident on board.  New Ireland now under my jurisdiction.  Lieut. Holmes temporarily in charge."

24th October:  From Minister Defence:
"Merchant Steamer "Messina" due at Rabaul 24th Octr. Detain her until further orders are received, but in the meantime make necessary arrangements, so that if required 2 Officers and 50 others may proceed by her to enforce, if necessary, occupation Nauru, and bring back all the Germans as Prisoners, who are to be sent to Sydney when convenient.  In political matters party under direction Representative High Commissioner, Western Pacific, but in Military operations senior Military Officer responsible."  2350

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