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11TH SEPTEMBER, 1914 (Continued)

Flagship to Brigadier, 12-6 p.m.: Reply - I concur.  As soon as your boats return proceed to Herbertshohe and land the men as proposed.

Flagship to "Berrima", 12-20 p.m.:- Have all your boats hoisted with all despatch.

"Warrego" to "Berrima", 12-25 p.m.:- Captain Pockley and a Naval Brigade man seriously wounded; am sending them off in motor boat.

Flagship to Brigadier, 12-30 p.m.:- What orders did you give landing party? Reply sent - To reinforce and carry out orders which were given to advance party.

"Berrim" to Flagship, 1-14 p.m.:- Ready to proceed.

Brigadier to Flagship, 1-15 p.m.: - Regret to report Captain Pockley, A.M.C. and W. Williams A.B. seriously wounded, also 1 German Soldier.  All now on board "Berrima".

Brigadier to Flagship, 122-46 p.m.:- We have two captured German Officers on board who refuse to divulge any information.

Flagship to Brigadier: Report name, rank and corps of prisoners.

Brigadier to Flagship:- Wuchert-Hauptmann of Reserve, G.A. Mayer Ober Lieutenant, Native Constabulary.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 1-35 p.m.:- There appears to be a great deal of fighting going on in the bush on the road to W/T Station.  The party that landed at Herbertshohe has not yet been heard of.  I should suggest that as soon as the rest are landed they should try and get touch.

"Sydney" to Brigadier, 1-45 p.m.:- I am sending my 1st Lieut. over immediately with important intelligence; he requests a strong force to land.

Commander Beresford to "Berrima", 1-30 p.m.:- Fighting is very heavy at the front; ammunition running short.

Flagship to "Berrima" 1-50 p.m.:- Am sending more ammunition.

Flagship to "Berrima", 1-55 p.m.:- Return here immediately men are landed and boats hoisted.  More men may be required here.

Flagship to Brigadier, 2-5 p.m.:- Have given orders that the troops here are to retire before dark to the coast, East of the Destroyers, if they have not accomplished their object by then.

"Sydney" to Brigadier, 2-14 p.m.:- Am ordered to land my Field Gun for you; do you require a Gunnery Rating with it?  Reply sent - will require full gun team; have no skilled gunners with my force.

"Sydney" to Brigadier, 2-25 p.m.: Reply - Cannot provide it without Admiral's authority; have passed him your request.

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