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11TH SEPTEMBER, 1914 (Continued)

"Sydney" to Brigadier, 2-40 p.m."- Letter intercepted - Extract - Large Transport Steamer with 1,500 men on board, who land at Kokopo after 3 o'clock, so I hope the Governor will give in as it is impossible to go against this large troop.  All the people here and the Doctor say the same.  If at 3 o'clock Governor won't give over the ----- to the Hollander, they will bombard Herbertshohe.  Native runners state Germans on ridge Kabakaul to Herbertshohe.

Flagship to Brigadier, 2-35 p.m.:- Boat is being sent for you now, as I should like to see you.  I have sent a message to Commander Beresford to say that if he cannot keep open his communications he had better retire and wait reinforcements.

Flagship to "Berrima", 2-40 p.m.:- Would the General rather not have the Gun?

"Sydney" to "Berrima", 2-45 p.m.:- Admiral says "Sydney" cannot spare full Gun's Crew.  There are plenty of A.Bs on "Berrima". "Sydney" is to provide four principal ratings.

"Sydney" to "Berrima" (Lt. Commander on shore to Brigadier) 3 p.m.:- Malarial carrying mosquitoes are very bad here at night.

Brigadier to "Sydney", 3-12 p.m.:- Have detailed 14 men from Naval Reserve for balance of Field Gun's crew.

"Sydney" to Brigadier, 3-20 p.m.:- P.O. Sweeney, Acting G.L., 2 A.Bs, S.G's, 1 A.B. detailed; gun has landed; ammunition will go in next boat.

"Shore Station to "Berrima", 3.30 p.m.:- The house is 300 yards along main road to left of landing place.

Brigadier to Flagship, 3-48 p.m.:- Regret to report death from wounds of Capt. B.C.A. Pockley, A.A.M.C., next of kin - Father, Dr. F. Antill Pockley, Macquarie St., Sydney; and - No. 294 William G. V. Williams, A.B., No. 4 Coy., next of kin - Mrs. V. Robinson, 36 Neaver Road, Northcote, Melbourne.

Shore Station to Col. Howse, P.M.O., 3-52 p.m.:- Have made all necessary arrangements.

Brigadier to "Sydney", 4-15 p.m. :- Would you allow your Chaplain to officiate at the funeral of the late Captain Pockley and A.B. Williams on shore?  Burial party leaving here in about a quarter of an hour.

Brigadier to O.C. Infantry, Herbertshohe:  If your operations do not conclude the action before dark, the ridge between Herbertshohe and Kabakaul will be shelled at daylight by fleet; the remainder of "Berrima's" force will land at Kabakaul soon after daylight to-morrow and combined attack made from Kabakaul and Herbertshohe when shelling ceases.  Reports to "Berrima" tonight.



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