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Vice-Admiral to Administrator, 8-50am: I should like to see you on important business regarding a message received last night.  Will send boat for you when squadron stops at 9-30 a.m.

Vice-Admiral to Administrator: I would like you to come on board with the Chief Official in "Encounter's" steamboat.

From Captain Travers to Flagship: Have returned with the Chief Official of the place with his staff.  The Governor is inland and cannot be communicated with at present.  This Chief Official assures Staff Officers that the place is undefended and there are no mines.  He wishes to see the Administrator and original of terms of capitulation.  Am sending him to Berrima now.

Vice-Admiral to Administrator, 2-40pm: I cannot guarantee any facilities for deporting prisoners from the Islands.

Administrator, F. Wilhelmshafen to V.A.C. 3-30pm: Garrison posted, all in suitable buildings, flag hoisted, proclamation read; 17 Germans surrendered; four of these are Officials who will probably be employed.  The others are planters, Missionaries and business men, all of whom have taken oath of neutrality. Chief Official not yet in but has been sent for.

V.A.C. to Administrator, 5-10pm: Congratulate you on rapidity and satisfactory result.

V.A.C. to Administrator, 6-30pm: Have reported fact of occupation, would you like to send a message yourself?

Administrator to Minister Defence per Flag:- Troops under my command occupied Kaiser Wilhelmsland today without opposition.  Flag hoisted, proclamation issued, Principal Official absent; four Officials and 13 other Germans surrendered; all subscribed oath neutrality.  The Officials will be temporarily engaged assist administration; others are Planters, Missionaries, businessmen.  Forty fighting men left Wilhelmshafen fortnight ago reinforce German Troops New Britain, but arrived after capitulation, now prisoners at Rabaul.  Found private stores well stocked.  Health of troops excellent. Returning Rabaul.

'Berrima" to Flagship - From Administrator: 11-5am: To enable me to complete despatch to Minister, will you please signal me my wireless message to him, dated 23rd. (This was received on return to Rabaul).

Flagship to Administrator, 5-7pm: Reply re mail: Probably Tuesday, but I do not think there will be any accommodation for prisoners.

Flagship to "Berrima": Following received from "Nusa", Please pass to O.C. Herbertshohe - Outposts at Cape Gazelle report three natives sick; can Dr. be sent to see them.

Current Status: