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According to an occasional statement by the cashier of the goverment treasury, there may be on hand at the outlaying stations, of which Your Excellency have so far, to my knowledge, occupied only Friedrich Wilhelmsbefen, about 400000 M.  Particulars will be seen from the books of the government treasury.  As regards the stores and inventories on the outlying stations the books of government main store in Rabaul ought to show particulars.  A great many outlying stations where however empowered to buy the articles needed by them from the local firms under special contracts.  They did therefore not keep a great amount of articles in stock.

Government steamer "Komet" has been required from me in the beginning of september by the imperial navy.  In consequence of the requisitions I have given to Captain Mõller a certain order and I have by wireless message from Bitafraka put the "Komet" to the unlimited disposition of the imperial navy.  Whether H.M. ships have meanwhile discharged "Komet" again and where in this case she may be at present is unknown by me.  I give expressely the official assurance 

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