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O.C. Infantry Herbertshohe to Brigadier, 12-20pm: I opened letter a/d to Admiral from Governor.  The letter was a/d to me, so I gave his Excellency a pass to Herbertshohe for 11am to-morrow.  Please let me know any arrangements you like to make.  His Aide informed me he might come down by water.

"Encounter" to "Berrima", 8-15pm:  There are no prisoners of war on board any ship.


Commander Beresford to "Berrima", 7-45am: We have one prisoner of war; shall we send him by first boat?

Col. Watson per "Parramatta" to Brigadier, 7-50am: Should like to know your plans after arrival here.

Brigadier to Col. Watson: Same arrangements as on Tuesday; leaving here at ten.  Tell Beresford retain prisoner.


"Encounter" to "Berrima", 6-20: Please inform Brigadier on his return that I was unable to await his return from Herbertshohe, and beg to offer my hearty congratulations on his success.


"Grantala" to "Berrima"; Reply from P.M.O.: Shall be glad to extend an invitation to any of your officers at any time.  Signal was made owing to the fact that several batches of soldiers have been on board during the last 2 days from sheer curiosity and to see no one in particular.  I understand they belong to "Berrima".

Brigadier to Chief of General Staff, Melbourne, per Flagship, 7-0pm:  Have met Governor who states has no power formally surrender any portion German Territory; has agreed in writing cease further resistance and transfer administration of whole German New Guinea to me on following terms:- Armed forces now in field surrender at once with Military honors; Governor leaves here on parole, no obstacle return Germany; Officers regular army remain prisoners of war; all others on taking oath of neutrality allowed return their plantations; black troops join Native Constabulary now being organized; all monies and property late administration transferred to me; Civil Officers not required by me, or who will not take oath neutrality deported to Australia, but no obstacle returning Germany; any British subjects now prisoners to be released forthwith; Governor's undertaking does not cover any offensive action by German Cruisers, with which communication destroyed; am now administering from Rabaul; will visit Wilhelmshafen and other parts first opportunity; everything satisfactory, health of troops excellent; supplies for population ordered through Admiral urgently required; rations, boots, and lightest clothing for troops, also £5000 for pay necessary.  Civil Officials to be paid three months salary from 1st Oct., also travelling expenses to Europe for selves and families, to be refunded from German Colonial Subsidy by Governor.

Current Status: