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Instructions for Offr in Charge of Native Police - Rabaul

1. Your Head Quarters will be in Rabaul

2. Report daily at 7.30 4 pm direct to OC Expeditionary Force on board H.M.A.S. Berrima at Rabaul and oftener when necessary.

3. Ascertain the fullest possible partriculars as to organisation and personnel of existing force - length of service etc.

4. Ascertain rates of pay at present enjoyed

5. Get them together and collect all their arms ammunition and other weapons or equjipment - Then reissue when satisfied after reorganisation [indecipherable] & swearing.

6. Appoint COs giving preference to those who are at present serving in these ranks.

7. Obtain copies of rules, regulations or instructions at present in force and if satisfactory forward to Brigade

Current Status: