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Apparently they rely for protection on the presence of the gunboat "Cormoran"
(Commonwealth Government)


About 4 years ago the German Government steamer "Delphin" navigated the Kaiserin Augusta River for 207 miles.  It was stated to be a "noble stream".


Rabaul is apparently being developed extensively by the Germans.  Confirming information with regard to this has been obtained from several sources.

The Norddeutscher Lloyd, apparently with the support of the German Government, have constructed a large pier capable, it is stated, of accommodating a battleship on each side.  Large coal sheds have been erected close to the pier.  Good roads leading from the swampy settlement to the hills have been made.  Simpsonhafen is ideal from a naval point of view. It is understood there is a large stock of coal, more than 1,000 tons being usually stored there.

There are apparently small repair shops, with the following machines:

2 lathes,  1 milling machine;
2 blacksmith fires, 1 drilling machine with necessary tools.

There is a slip which will accommodate vessels up to about 200 tons.

There is a large boat building trade, chiefly in the hands of Japanese
[Note in margin] Mr. Whittle Chinese

Freezing works, in private hands.??  There is a light on Bawapai.

Rabaul is full of natives, mostly from Manus on the south coast.

Current Status: