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Frederich Wilhelms Harbour, the seat of government of Kaiser Wilhelmsland, the German portion of New Guinea, is situated in Astrolabe Bay which is about 15 miles wide and nearly the same in length.  Its southern shore is mountainous, lying westward of its head is Mount Oertzen, 2,625 feet high, northward of which is a plain through which the Gogal river flows.

Frederich Wilhelms Harbour lies within the Schering peninsula, and is protected by several islands which extend 4 miles N.E. of the peninsula, with passages between, the southernmost of which (Dallmam passage) only is recommended.

The harbour itself is ½ a mile in length by 1½ cables wide in its narrowest part and has a depth of 10 to 12 fathoms.

Anchorage for several heavy draught vessels if moored.

There is a landing pier about 65 yards long, 7½ feet above sea level.  There is a tramway from the pier to Jomba plantation.

Population and armed forces, vide Rabaul report.

Supplies - probably small.

Water - Fresh water reported to be brought alongside in iron lighters, but no information as to where obtained and quantity available.

Coal - Japanese and Australian coal stored by the New Guinea Company which has its central station here.

Communication - N.D.L. branch steamers call every 2 months.

Climate - The climate of New Guinea is unfavourable to Europeans.

Current Status: