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H.M.A.S. "Berrima"
At Sea
25th September 1914

The Vice Admiral Commanding H.M. Australia Fleet.

In accordance with the request contained in your communication of the 22nd instant covering a telegram from the Naval Board Melbourne asking for particulars of the casualties that occurred in connection with the operations at Kabakaul and Herberthohe on the 11th instant; I beg to forward hereunder an extract from a despatch dated 13th instant forward by me to the Chief of the General Staff Melbourne:-

  • The Expedition under my command reached Blanche Bay on the 11th instant -
  • At daylight on that day an advance party of 50 Naval Reserves under the command of Lieut Bowen and accompanied by Captain Pockley A.M.C. was sent ashore 
  • Half of the party was landed at Kabakaul and the other at Herberthohe with instructions to push on rapidly and seize the Wireless Stations believed to exist in this vicinity -
  • It was soon discovered that these places were defended and that the enemy did not intend to give them up without a fight.  Finding that these parties were met with opposition I reinforced them with two more companies of the Naval Reserves, two Machine Gun Sections, and a detachment of the A.M.C. under Commander Elwell at Kabakaul -
  • Commander Beresford also accompanies this party



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