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Brigadier to O.C. Infantry, 5-50 a.m.:- Send two Coys to support Beresford.  You will for the present garrison Herbertshohe, and Beresford remain in possession of wireless.

Brigadier to R.A.C., 6-5 a.m.:- My only object suggesting retention wireless station was to effect repairs and turn to our own use.  If, however, not so required recommend abandonment of same and withdrawal of all troops from there to Herbertshohe, and carry out original programme of Naval Reserve garrisoning Herbertshohe; balance of force direct to Rabaul.

Brigadier to Col. Watson, 6-20 a.m.:- Stand fast with your whole force; if necessary recall your two Coys. ordered Kabakaul.

"Berrima" to Flagship, 6-15 a.m.:- No. Propose remaining here and landing further supplies for permanent garrison, Herbertshohe.

R.A.C to Brigadier, 6-55 a.m.:- What do you propose to do with force at Kabakaul.  I cannot stay off Kabakaul much longer as I must go in and coal.

Brigadier to R.A.C., 7-5 a.m.:- Have already recommended withdrawal of troops from wireless to Kabakaul thence to Herbertshohe as garrison.  Infantry now at Herbertshohe to come on board "Berrima" which should then proceed to Rabaul to carry out original intention.  If approved please instruct Beresford.

O.C. Infantry to Brigadier, 7-15 a.m.:- Many civilian Germans at large in Herbertshohe.  Suggest Provost Marshall and Police be sent ashore.  We require meat and other rations; only biscuits from Naval stores here.  Quantity 600 including prisoners.

Bridadier to O.C. Infantry, 7-30 a.m.:- use your own discretion about arresting Germans.  Do not propose sending Provost Marshall ashore.  You will probably be relieved by Beresford's force as garrison, and your force brought back to "Berrima" which will proceed Rabaul carry out original programme.  This is my recommendation; am now awaiting approval R.A.C.

"Warrego" to "Berrima" 8-4 p.m.:- Following recd. from Flag:- When all your men on board and you can be of no further use to Brigadier, return into harbour with "Yarra"".  Please say if you wish me to remain.

Brigadier to Flagship:  Suggest two German Officers prisoners here be sent on board Warship.  Please instruct.

"Sydney" to "Berrima" from R.A.C. to Brigadier), 7-40pm:- I have a document detailing Officers for armed forces at Paparatavem Rebra, Raluana and Luttic.  The latter place is high and understood the local name for Herbertshohe.  Raluana is to Westward of Herbertshohe on the coast.  Rebra is high, I believe, the W/T Station now in our possession, and Paparatave is about 8 miles inland on the road to Toma, where Governor was yesterday.  Do you require any more assistance from me otherwise I will propose to go into Simpsonhafen.  Will you have Governor informed we are now in command ashore, and communicate with you with regard to handing over control.


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