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Defences - It is rumoured that guns and ammunition are stored in a large store at Rabaul, but this is probably incorrect.

Suitable Landing Places. -Residents and traders state that the harbours of Talili and Ataliklikun would afford excellent anchorages and a force could be landed without difficulty.  There is deep water to within a short distance of the beach.

Communications. Rabaul is connected by telephone with Herbertshohe.

Roads - a good road runs right round the bay from Herbertshohe to Rabaul and Matupi.  Good roads connect Talili Bay and Ataliklikun Bay with Rabaul and the surrounding country.  Between Talili Bay and Rabaul a hill has been tunnelled through, shortening the distance.  In the event of a force marching from Talili Bay to Rabaul this tunnel would probably be destroyed, but that would not mean a great increase in the distance to be travelled or the difficulties of the road.

Distances by road.  The distances between various places by road are as follows:

Talili Bay to Rabaul - about 2½ miles
Talili Bay to Herbertshohe - about 15 miles
Rabaul to Herbertshohe - about 15 miles
Ataliklikun Bay to Rabaul - about 12 miles
Ataliklikun Bay to Herbertshohe - about 19 miles

Cable.  It is reported that Yap and Rabaul are connected by cable, but there is no official confirmation of this.  This is improbable as wireless communication between the Governor at Rabaul and Yap were constantly heard early in August 1914.

Current Status: