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"Encounter" to "Sumatra", 9-40pm: You must bring troops back from Herbertshohe to-morrow, as I want "Nusa" "Protector" will do day patrol.

"Encounter" to "Sumatra" 9-42pm: To "Nusa" - I want you back here at daylight, Saturday. "Sumatra" must bring troops over.


Flagship to "Berrima", 6-40pm. R.A.C. would like to see Brigadier as convenient to-morrow morning.

"Berrima" to Flagship, 8-45pm: Brigadier will attend on Admiral 9-30 to-morrow morning if suitable to him.

Flagship to "Berrima", 9-24pm: Reply - Yes certainly.

Flagship to General: Vice-Admiral's Flag will be broken at 8-0am to-morrow.

Brigadier to R.A.C.: 12-55pm: Inconvenient to take prisoners on "Berrima"; may arrangements be made to received them on "Aorangi".

O.C. Herbertshohe to Brigadier: At the request of the German Commandant, Military Forces, I have despatched one motor lorry with infantry escort and one Officer to bring in large quantities of ammunition from Toma.  Have also sent to Bitapaka wireless station two Officers and five men to bring in second motor lorry for same purpose if in workiing order.


Flagship to K.H.M. 8-40pm: No vessel is to leave without a pass signed by you, except H.M. Ships.  Communicate this personally to Administrator. (Note). After 9-0pm to-morrow (Monday) these passes should be signed by Commander Cumberlege "Warrego".  Till then by myself or Lt. Commander Lambton - J.M. Jackson."

Flagship to Brigadier, 9-15pm: I should like Armorer Johnson now doing duty at Herbertshohe to rejoin his ship the "Encounter". This rating is much needed in "Encounter". An Armorer's crew could be sent to relieve him and is quite reliable to do duty required of him on shore.

Brigadier to Comdr. Beresford, Herbertshohe, 9-45pm: Instruct Armorer Johnson to rejoin "Encounter".

Flagship to "Berrima" to Brigadier: Steamer leaves for Simpson's Hafen on 2nd October. Please inform me as soon as possible what military stores, etc. you will require.  There will be no other steamer for a month - Legge.  Your signal as to stores, etc. has been despatched.

Flagship to General, 9-45pm: There will be an opportunity for mails per "Murex"; letters are to be stamped with N.S.W. stamps and placed in sealed bags a/d to Postmaster, Sydney.  Secret documents for despatch are to be sent to my office by 4pm today.

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