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supports.  As the men were fully armed & equipped with ammunition like infantry soldiers, besides the two guns & equipment & 5000 rounds in ammunition boxes making an average load of machine gun material of 50 lbs per man, they were unable to keep pace with the remainder of the supports & were left behind.  At 2½ miles from the wharf the Section overtook the main body which was halted.  Two German officers came up with a white flag to parley.  After half an hour we moved forward accompanied by a German officer and carrying a white flag.  We soon came to a trench out of which prisoners had just been taken both natives & Germans.  It was the trench we had seen when turning a bend of the road 450 yards in rear of it.  It was a straight trench without traverse cut across the road & six feet into the bush at either side.  It was 2½ ft wide & 3 ft. deep.  The parapet was composed half its length of loose soil

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