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11TH SEPTEMBER, 1914 (Continued):-

"Sydney" to "Berrima", 7-10 p.m.:- I have just received a prisoner from the Naval Brigade; I will send him over to you to-morrow morning.

Commdr. Beresford to Brigadier and Flagship, 7-40 p.m.:- I have not details yet of enemy's losses; I am sending reinforcements to the front, which is about 5 miles from the pier.  I have just received at 6-0 p.m. a message from Lieut. Bond; he is again being engaged.

O.C. Infantry to Brigadier, 8-10 p.m.:- Moved with my force along Coast road to river Matantawival, where patrols was sent forward to connect with Beresford or troops along road South from Kabakaul; on arrival Wunapope sent patrol to link up half 'F' Coy. at cross roads leading from Wunapope to Herbertshohe.  Lieut. Cooper captured six prisoners; please instruct with regard to these.  Along road one thousand yards East of Wunapope leading South, moved with my force one and a half miles South.  Sent patrols to East Kabakaul road.  Not heard from Beresford.  Cyclist sent with message to him has not yet returned (7-45 p.m.).  Informed Beresford that I was returning to Herbertshohe at dark.  Heard about 4-15 pm a dozen shots South-east direction.

O.C. Infantry to Brigadier, 9-0 p.m.:- Forwarded report by Lieut. Finlayson.  Send instructions concerning six prisoners.

Brigadier to O.C. Infantry, Herbertshohe, 9-0 p.m.:- Beresford's position is at cross roads near Kabakaul.  Get touch now.  Keep prisoners ashore.  You will received signal from "Sydney" when to attack tomorrow.

O.C. Infantry to Brigadier, 10-17 p.m.:- Cyclist returned; had touch with Beresford.  Now sending patrol to maintain touch.  Propose moving by coast road towards Kabakaul with whole force at 5-0 a.m. tomorrow, leaving Lieut. Webber and half Naval Coy. as guard at Herbertshohe.

O.C. 'A' Coy. to O.C. Troops, 10-20 p.m.:- Reliable information, signal party N.E. Hospital, men seen moving on hill.  I have sent patrol there.

Brigadier to O.C. Infantry, 10-50 p.m.:- Please state more fully your intentions for to-morrow's operations.  Along which road do you propose to attack after marching along coast road to Kabakaul.


O.C. Infantry to Brigadier, 12-2 a.m.:- I propose to move at 5-0 a.m. tomorrow along coast road until contact with Beresford's party; I then intend to move South with my left flank on road from Kabakaul to supposed position


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