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& the other half of 6 sandbags placed nine inches apart. The bags were ordinary sacks half filled with soil not tied up but the top turned over outside.  The part of the parapet that was composed of loose soil was less than 2 ft thick & therefore not bullet proof.  There was no revetment in the trench & it had all the appearance of being hastily made & with very little skill.  Sergt Stewart of the M.G.S. destroyed two mines which had not been exploded.  Although assisted by some men of lent by Lieut Bond the Section fell far to the rear of the supports & the scouts were sent out.  When the Section joined the supports they were halted alongside a second trench similar to the first one but not so complete.  They had 24 natives & four German officers prisoners.  A few minutes later there was a signal from the bush like the call of a bird & immediately all the native prisoners pushed their guard aside who had no bayonets fixed & streaked 

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