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The above have been managed in the office of the Keope.  It has been here that the Contracts of the Native Labourers have been kept and recorded.

When Native Labour has been engaged both Privately & by the Government. The contracts have been signed before the Keope or his representative, the contract provides that, the Native is engaged for a certain number of years usually three, that he receives pay as a rule from 4 to 10 marks a month, this is paid in the following manner 1/3 paid monthly and 2/3 deferred until the termination of the contract.  Then the employer return the Natives to their homes free of expense.  Housing, Food, Medicine & Doctors attendance is also to be supplied by the Employer free.

The Natives are not intelligent but have the same swift intuition, the same faith in those they trust, as a child and when well fed and fairly treated are as happy and as willing as children, they have a great sense of justice, and fairness and after an escapade take a fair punishment as a matter of course bearing no grudge.  The Natives I have seen who have been well treated and cared for are well developed, cheerful, industrious servants.

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