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R.A.C. to Brigadier, 8-22 pm: If you could find time I would like to see you before you leave for Herbertshohe; there are cases of prisoners of war that I wish to speak to you about.

R.A.C. to Brigadier:  Have you any news of Governor? Reply sent - Governor is now at Herbertshohe and I am in treaty with him.

Commander Beresford per "Parramatta" to Brigadier, 10-17 pm:  Reply:  I forwarded explanation by signal 7-5pm last night re delay, and finished my report this morning at 1am, and leaving camp at 6-0 not returning till 6-30pm.  I submit I have been unavoidably delayed.  My report will be despatched to you to-morrow morning at 7-30am.

"Encounter" to "Berrima": Has Brigadier returned yet please?


"Parramatta" to Flagship, 6-12 am:  Submit: Passed round Duke York Island, nothing seen.  Searched to North-west with "Yarra".  Could motor schooner proceed and examine Credner and Duke York Island and North-east coast New Britain at daylight, whilst we search seaward to North.

Brigadier to O.C. Infantry, Herbertshohe, 6-25am:  You have done well. I will attend at Herbertshohe at eleven this morning to meet Governor.  Arrange for guard of honor of fifty.

"Encounter" to "Berrima" 7-30am:  "Grantala" reports that she received from NSO and DNO Townsville 2 cases and 2 bungles signalling apparatus.  Does this belong to Military?  Reply sent - Yes.

Brigadier to R.A.C. 8-45am:  Am leaving this ship at 9-15am to see you, and thence to Herbertshohe by launch, which has been arranged for.

"Encounter" to "Berrima": The following from Colonel Watson to Brigadier was made by W/T, but is now repeated to ensure accuracy:  Begins - Acting under your instructions from "Berrima" at 1-34 this morning, I occupied Toma today at 3-0pm.  Beyond a few Native Constabulary, who were promptly shelled by the 12 pdr. no opposition was met with during the advance.  I received two flags of truce of a parleying nature, but send back a demand for surrender of Governor with his officials.  Shortly after shelling had ceased an Officer came in under the white flag, and I have the honor to report that the Governor is to report himself at Herbertshohe at 11am tomorrow.  The men have behaved splendidly.  The accuracy the the "Encounter's" shelling was astonishing.  I move on the Herbertshohe 6-30 pm.  Subordinate Officer reports my troops here in camp in Herbertshohe found that no opposition was met with during the advance.  I have honor to report troops arrived 8-0 pm. tired, but fit for anything.


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