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6 December: From Secretary Defence:
"Telegram as follows received from Secretary State: (Begins) Decr 3rd. With reference to your cipher telegram Novr. 25th and previous telegrams, as to occupation of German Islands in the Pacific, as Pelew, Marianne, Caroline and Marshall Islands are at present in military occupation by Japanese, who are at our request engaged in policing waters Northern Pacific, we consider it most convenient for strategic reasons to allow them to remain in occupation for present, leaving whole question of future to be settled at end of War.  We should be glad therefore if the Australian Expedition would confine itself to occupation of German Islands South of Equator (ends).  To which reply as follows sent (begins) "Your telegram of 3rd Decr. occupation German Island in Pacific noted, and your Government's wishes will be complied with (ends).  Colonel Pethebridge has been similarly advised."

6 December:  To Minister Defence:
"Expedition left this day by "Meklong" occupation Bougainville.  
Una" "Eastern" not yet arrived. Have they been diverted.  If not when did they leave?"

8th December:  Five figure cipher received a/d Col. Pethebridge c/o Administrator Rabaul:

10th December:  From Major Martin, F. Wilhelmshafen:
"Am I to act with Bracegirdle (this message: have no instructions" (This message despatched to Port Moresby but intercepted by Rabaul W/T Station).

12th December: From Major Martin:
"Paper here a/d Col. Holmes, Rabaul, marked "Secret" initialled "W.B." on left hand corner; shall I open. 2600 of 7th Decr."

12th December: From Major Martin:
"Am I to act with Bracegirdle: have no instructions."

12th December: To Major Martin:
"Forward "Secret" letter here first opportunity. 800"

12th December: From Secrty. Defence:
Mr. C. Workman, Administrator, Nauru, left Newcastle, 30th Novr. by Steamer (Full (?) Transport for Nauru. W 7832."

12th December: From Navy Board:
"Encounter sailed for ------- (?) today - 1830 of 10th Decr."

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