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(3) In these instructions it is assumed that the French have not taken or are likely to take any action either independently or in conjunction with Australia.

It is rumoured that Japan is desirous of immediately seizing all German possessions in the Pacific in the event of that Nation declaring War against Germany.

(4) the object of the expedition is to seize all German wireless stations in the Pacific and to occupy German Territory as soon as possible.

Wireless Stations are reported to be situated as follows:-

Rabaul (Simpson's Harbour, New Britain), Neu Pommern.
Jap Island (also Yap or Uap)
                     East of Phillipines, with 2 wireless stns. and cables to Dutch East Indies, Shanghai and Guam).
Anguar - S.W. of Jap.
                     Wireless station and cable as above
Nauru or Pleasant Island
                      South of Marshalls

Detailed reports on above are attached.

(5) A force of 500 Infantry from the Garrison of Thursday Island, embarked on the S.S. "Kanowna", has been placed at the disposal of the Rear-Admiral Commanding His Majesty's Australian Fleet to occupy Rabaul.  Yap is to be dealt with by the China Squadron.

(6) The expedition under your command will leave Sydney on Tuesday, 18th August, 1914.  You will act under the instructions of the Rear-Admiral Commanding H.M.A. Fleet, onland in the event of receiving no orders, or in any emergency, will carry out the objects set out in Paras. 1 and 4 in such manner as may seem best.

(7) So far as it does not conflict with orders issued by the Admiral, the troops from Thursday Island, referred to under Para. 5, will come under your command, and form part of the Australian Naval and Military Expedition.

A copy of these instructions will be given to the Commanding Officer of the Detachment from Thursday Island.

(8)  It is reported by the Admiralty that up to a year ago there were no permanent defences on any German possessions in the Pacific, except for Tsing Tau (China). Mines, however, may be expected at any German Ports and possibly guns have been sent out recently.  It is known that Rabaul lends itself to defence, the harbour being described as a small Port Arthur.

The native armed constabulary (strength 600) are distributed throughout New Guinea. They are provided with German Officers.

It is also likely that the male population (many of whom will be German Reservists) are armed and employed to protect wireless stations, cable landings and other vunerable points.

(9) The occupation referred to in Para 4 is sufficiently carried out by maintaining detachments at the chief points 



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