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R.A.C. to Brigadier, 5-20 pm: Do you know of any of your forces being at Kabakaul, as I understood they were all at Herbertshohe.

Brigadier to R.A.C.: My Cyclist Orderly just returned from Herbertshohe; states he heard some firing on his right while returning.  He was also informed that party had been sent by Beresford towards W/T Stn. to bring in a motor lorry, and that Messengers returning from this party report they had been fired on.  No other reason for troops being at Kabakaul.

R.A.C. to Brigadier, 5-30pm: Following recd. from Commander Beresford - Don't require any more assistance yet, but was attacked from left flank - (ends). As men have now been embarked and Germans still seem to have fight in them, I think they had better go on.

Flagship to "Melbourne" & "Parrramatta", 5-33pm:  Proceed to carry out your original orders.  Inform Commander Beresford "Encounter" is bringing over 2 extra companies.

Brigadier to R.A.C.: Concur that troops should go on to Herbertshohe.

Col. Watson per "Encounter" to Brigadier, 6-25pm: Have landed both companies at Herbertshohe; all quiet here.  I have endorsed Commander Beresford's last signal.  Have you any orders for me?

"Yarra" to Flagship, 6-35pm:  Following recd. from Comdr. Beresford - Firing all ceased.  I think enemy has retired - I will remain in trenches for the night.

"Protector" to Flagship, 6-36pm:  Leaving here 7-0pm for Rabaul with prisoners on board.  Comdr. Beresford does not require me here tonight and wishes the prisoners taken to "Berrima".  Request instruction accordingly.

Flagship to "Berrima", 9-0pm:- Following recd. from "Encounter":- Following recd. from shore:- Pass to "Berrima".  I have received no copy of Proclamation and should be glad to receive one.  Delay in informing you of this was owing to this afternoon's operations.  My reports have also been delayed for same reason.  Will endeavour to send them in the morning.

Berrima to Flagship, 10-10pm: Brigadier requests pass to Herbertshohe for Comdr. Beresford:- Brigade Major personally handed you copies of Proclamation, also gave Lt. Cameron written instructions re altering date and posting.

Flagship to Brigadier, 10-50pm: Add to signal 2016: Am now sending the orders you requested.

Flagship to "Encounter" 11-0 pm:- Your 2120; consider this unnecessary unless specially asked for.  "Encounter" is to remain off Herbertshohe to-morrow ready for covering the garrison and render assistance if necessary.

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