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7th January 1915.

Officer -in-Charge,

Native Affairs.

I have personally investigated the case of Bore, employed at Government House, and find that the warrant for his arrest this morning was issued because he was one of the prisoners who escaped from Calaboose when the British Forces occupied Rabaul.

It seems to me it is rather late now to arrest him on this charge, seeing that he has been employed at Government House since September last, and the fact that he was an escaped prisoner was well known to the Police Officials, and indeed reported to me at the time of his engagement.

He has rendered loyal and faithful service since his engagement at Government House, and there is no complaint whatever against him.  He case, therefore, is quite different to those prisoners who escaped and are still away.

If it was necessary to arrest him as an escaped prisoner, this should have been done four months ago.

With reference to the complaint against him of stealing money from Captain Fry's boy, Bore distinctly denies this charge, but states that he paid the 6s/- to Capt. Fry's boy in order to settle the matter, because he did not wish to be arrested, although he avers he is quite innocent of the charge.

With regard to the third complaint against him of threatening one of the Police, I am informed by Sergeant Fleming, Mess Sergeant at Government House, that the work of exchanging the sanitary pans was not being satisfactorily carried out, and he instructed Bore to see that certain things were done.  The Police Boy in charge of the sanitary squad, I am told, threatened Bore with his rifle, which Bore then seized in self protection.

Under all the circumstances, and in view of the good service rendered by Bore, and the fact that he has been performing work for the Administration for the last four months, when it was well known that he was an escaped prisoner, I think it is a case in which clemency might be exercised.  I therefore remit the balance of his punishment on the distinct understanding that should he misbehave himself in the future he will be re-arrested and be required to serve the remainder of his sentence.

Please inform Bore accordingly. 

 [Signature of Holmes]



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