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"Condor" 16 knots 8-4.1"  5 - 1 Fr  
"Cormoran do do do  
"Planet" 9.5 knots     3 -1 P

(c) The China Fleet Unit consists of the following ships:-

H.M.S. "Minotaur" (Flag)
            and 8 T.B. Destroyers.

(3) In these instructions it is assumed that the French have not taken or are likely to take any action either independently or in conjunction with Australia.

It is rumoured that Japan is desirous of immediately seizing all German possessions in the Pacific in the event of that Nation declaring War against Germany.

(4) The object of the expedition is to seize all German wireless stations in the Pacific and to occupy German Territory as soon as possible. (See despatch Appendix A). [deletion initialed]

Wireless Stations are reported to be situated as follows:-

Rabaul (Simpson's Harbour, New Britain), Neu Pommern.
Jap Island (also Yap or Uap)
           East of Phillipines, with 2 wireless stations. and cables to Dutch              East Indies, Shanghai and Guam).
Anguar - S.W. of Jap.
           Wireless station and cable as above
Nauru or Pleasant Island
            South of Marshalls

Detailed reports on above are attached.

(5) A force of 500 Infantry from the Garrison of Thursday Island, embarked on the S.S. "Kanowna", has been placed at the disposal of the Rear-Admiral Commanding His Majesty's Australian Fleet to occupy Rabaul.  Yap is to be dealt with by the China Squadron.

(6) The expedition under your command will leave Sydney on



Current Status: