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R.A.C. for transmission to Governor, 4-15pm: If opposition does not immediately cease, I shall take the strongest measures at my disposal.  Warn Non-combatants around the area were fighting is going on to get out of range of my guns immediately.

"Protector" to Brigadier (From Col. Watson), also "Encounter" 5-47pm: Began minor march on Toma at 5am with four companies and machine gun.  Land your machine gun by 4am complete.  Sketch captured shows enemy occupying position  his right on Matawata to bend of road near Watora, with post at Gire Gire.  Will you by vigorously shelling ridge and plantations sweep position on map at daylight.  My troops will not move South from coast road until shelling ceases.


"Encounter" to Flagship, 5-30am: Submitted: Am landing stores, two machine guns, and propose opening fire with six inch lyddite shells at 6-0 a.m.

"P.M.O. through "Encounter" to Brigadier, 6-34am: I did not inform Surgeon McKenzie that he was to return to Flagship.

Flagship to "Encounter", 6-45am: Your [Indecipherable]55. Do not understand why it is necessary.  If you are obliged to open fire be careful to avoid damage to religious buildings, private property, etc.  Your guns must be re-embarked before dark as I shall require you over here.

Flagship to "Sydney", 6-58am: Close "Encounter", find out exactly what is going on and come back and report to me.  I do not consider it necessary for you to join in the shelling.

Col Watson per "Encounter" to Brigadier, 7-20am: "Encounter" begins - Ordering passage for marching on Toma at 5am with 4 Coys. and machine guns.  Land your machine guns by 4-45am complete.  Sketch captured showing enemy occupying position, his right on Matawta to bend of road near Wunatora, with post at Gire Gire.  Will you by vigorously shelling ridge and plantation sweep position on map at daylight.  My troops will not move South from coast roads until shelling ceases (this is a repetition of message quoted above, time 5-47 pm, 13-9-14).

Flagship to "Encounter", 7-40am: In view of message from Colonel Watson your action in shelling is fully approved.  If required, your maxim may be left on shore tonight.  I may require "Encounter" this evening or to-morrow morning.

"Sydney" to Brigadier, 7-55am:- A large number of native canoes were crossing from Matupi Island to main land this morning as I went out.  They may be removing stores.

Flagship to General 7-55am:- Following message received from the Governor General of Australia:-  The Governor General congratulates the Admiral in command on the success at Simpsonhafen and desires that his high appreciation of the achievements shall be conveyed to the forces engaged - R.A.M. Ferguson - Ends.  The following reply has been sent:- Please thank the Governor General of Australia in the name of myself and the forces engaged for his kind message, which is much appreciated.

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