Item 05: General William Holmes reports of operations and instructions for officers, 1914-1915 - Page 13

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(1)  Take charge of Post Office and all other Public Buildings and Offices, and post necessary sentries over same.

(2) Select Barracks for Garrison.

(3) Search for arms and ammunition, and collect same and forward to Brigade Head Quarters.

(4) Furnish list of Europeans.

(5) Disarm inhabitants.

(6) Arrest German Officials, obtain all information from them, and search their residences.

(7) Detain all arrested persons until instructed how to act.

(8) Protect life and property.

(9) Act with Officer in Charge of Native Police in maintaining law and order.

(10) Ascertain and report what supplies are available, such as food, coal, etc.

(11) Impound all Benzine.

12.  What transport available - Motors, Ordinary vehicles, Animals, Boats, Launches, etc.  Search for Motor Cars or Lorries.

(13) What hospital accommodation exists -

(a) European

(b) Native

(14) Do you recommend retaining any former Government Officials in office, and report whether they are prepared to give an assurance or take an oath to perform their duties satisfactorily, and place no obstacles in the way of the occupying force.

(15) Ascertain exact location of wireless station, if any, but do not destroy it if it can be turned to our use.

(16) Ensure that your troops shall respect all public and private property of both Europeans and Natives.

(17) Treat Natives firmly, not harshly.

(18) Prepare defensive positions where necessary to resist boat landings, etc.

(19) Protect water supplies where necessary.

(20) All supplies required, if any, to be requisitioned for and receipts given by you, so that they may be afterwards paid for.

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