Item 05: General William Holmes reports of operations and instructions for officers, 1914-1915 - Page 109

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Flatship to "Berrima", 7-32 a.m.:- Picket boat will signal to you when the passage into anchorage has been swept.  You remain in Karavis Bay until we return.

Flagship to Brigadier, 7-36 a.m.:- Captain Fry embarked in "Fantome" at Townsville morning of 10th Septr. for passage.

Flagship to Brigadier, 9-50 a.m.:- "Warrego" reports the W.T Station is said to be defended by rifles and guns.  Prepare to land Herbertshohe party at once.  Join the "Sydney" off that place.

"Flagship to "Berrima", 10-2 a.m.:- Prepare to anchor near "Sydney".

Flagship to Brigadier, 10-10 a.m.:- I am going to Kabakaul; land 100 men and M.G. Section as rapidly as possible.

Flagship to "Berrima" 10-10 a.m.:- Follow me.

Flagship to "Berrima", 10-28 a.m.:- Anchor as close to "Werrego" as you consider safe; land 100 men with all despatch.

Flagship to "Berrima", 10-30 a.m.:- Make the shore very carefully.

Flagship to "Berrima" 10-47 a.m.:- "Warrego" has a wounded German on board; a Doctor should be sent if possible.  It is not to delay landing.

Flagship to "Berrima", 10-55 a.m.:- If you cannot anchor, land your men at once.

"Berrima" to Flagship, 10-58 a.m.:- Submitted: We are landing now; water too deep for anchoring.

"Berrima" to Flagship, 11-20 a.m.:- Submitted: All troops landed as ordered.


"Berrima" to Brigadier & Commander Beresford, 11-20am: From information from a Prisoner, all Germans have orders to wear a green band on each arm, and Natives have orders not to shoot at anyone with this badge.

Warrego" to "Berrima" 11-50 a.m.:- Get Hospital ready for wounded man.

"Warrego" to R.A.C. and Brigadier, 11-50 a.m.:- Recommend sending Destroyer with a special message to Governor pointing out overwhelming force.

Flagship to Brigadier, 11-53 a.m.:- How long will it take to land remainder of Troops for Herbertshohe at Herbertshohe with all provisions?

Brigadier to Flagship, 12 noon:- Balance of Herbertshohe garrison ready to leave with 2 days provisions and 150 rounds, and could be landed in ¼ of an hour.  Submit that rest of 60 days provisions could be sent down from Rabaul as convenient.



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