Item 05: General William Holmes reports of operations and instructions for officers, 1914-1915 - Page 56

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German Lambu, October 6th 1914.

To His Excellency
Colonel Holmes, H.B.M. Administrator of G.N.G. Rabaul

Your Excellency!

Referring to our conversation of yesterday I have the honour to forward to Your Excellency enclosed a copy of an affidavit as to the contents of the government treasury on the 19th of September.  The affidavit has been handed to me by Mr. Ichlettnein. To the amounts enumerated have to be added the contents of the Treasury of the armed force and the advances made to officials in Rabaul out of the government treasury as far as this money has not been duly expended for official purposes.  The latter amounts are not known by me.  Your Excellency will be in a position to have these ascertained from the ledger of the government treasury and from the accounts of the armed force and of the officials in Rabaul.

The drafts and cheques of the New Guinea Co and of Hernsheim & Co. enumerated in the affidavit shall serve, as stated in the affidavit, as payment for articles taken over from government main store at the 

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