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MRS. MACARTHUR ONSLOW having offered a
special prize of Twenty-five Guineas for the
above, the Committee of the Camden A. H.
and L. Society invite entries for the same
under the following conditions :-

  1. Only bona fide Cottage Gardens, situated in the Police District of Camden, in which the occupier grows produce for his own use, are allowed to compete - any dispute as to the elegibility of any entry to be decided by the Committee.
  2. No prize will be awarded unless at least seven entries are received.  The Society will give a second and third prize.
  3. Entrance fees - Members of the Camden A. H. Society free, Non-members 10s. each - which will go towards second prize.
  4. Should the judges consider none of the exhibits of sufficient merit to receive the first prize they may recommend the Committee to award a portion of the money only.
  5. Entries will be received up to 31st January, 1894.
  6. The exhibits will be judged in the month of March, 1984.
  7. No garden of less than 1/4 acre in extent may compete.

The following is the list of points by which the prizes will be awarded: - 


General Cultivation, Cleanliness and Neatness   100
Selection of Varieties and arrangement in planting Flowers 25
" Vegetables 50
" Fruit Trees 50
Excellence of  Flowers 50
" Vegetables 50
" Fruit 50
Collection of Jams and Bottled Fruits made by exhibitor (or family) from his own fruit   50
Collection of Vegetable Seeds collected and grown by exhibitor   25
State of Fence or Hedge enclosing Garden (including gates)   25
Current Status: 
Ready for review