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Left Back Room.

51   The flowered Brussels carpet as laid, bordered hearthrug, and 2 cane-seat chairs
52    A  2ft. 9in. cast-iron fender, set of fire implements, and a wire spark guard
53   A 2ft. tray-top washstand, 5 pieces of fittings, a 4-rail towel airer, and a large galvanized iron tub
54   A 2ft. 9in. painted dressing table, fitted 1 drawer, and a birch swing-frame toilet glass
55   Wall mirror in painted wood frame, plate 26in. by 16in., and a grained chest of 2 long and 2 short drawers
56   A 3ft. japanned iron stump bedstead
57   Wool mattress in tick and a ditto in blue check
58   Feather bolster, ditto pillow, and 5 blankets

Landing and Stairs to Third Floor

62   Two lengths of Dutch stair carpet (about 23 yards), 14 brass stair rods, and an 8-tread ladder
63   Five-rail back rush-seat chairs, a green skin hearthrug, and a carpet broom
64   Large japanned tin trunk
65   Large trunk covered leather, and a cabin trunk


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Ready for review