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Servants' Hall.

310 Grained press bedstead with bedding and blankets
311 Chimney glass with bevelled plate in wood frame, and a 4ft. 6in. brass rail nursery fender
312 Stout wood table, 4 pieces of cocoa matting, and 2 cane seat chairs

Butler's Pantry.

315 A 4ft. 3in. mahogany Pembroke table, and the oilcloth as laid
316 Ditto 2-flap deal table, and a smaller ditto
317 Two mahogany butler's trays and stands, and a set of 4 japanned and gilt tea trays
318 Pair of duplex painted china and gilt lamps with globes and chimneys
319 Pair of moderator lamps on painted china vases with globes and chimneys
320 Seltogene complete, 3 japanned knife trays, and a japanned water carrier
321 Metal soup ladle, ditto teapot and lid, 2 ditto pepper castors, 2 ditto mustards, 2 ditto salts, an oak cruet frame with 4 bottles, 15 large metal forks, 9 small ditto, 11 metal table spoons, 12 dessert spoons, 12 tea spoons, 4 salt spoons, beer tap, 2 bone spoons, wine strainer, pair of tweezers, corkscrew, pair of lamp scissors, and egg whisk



324 A 6ft. slide bar kitchen fender, and 6 Windsor chairs
325 Grained meat screen with fittings, and 2 chopping blocks
326 A 3ft. 10ft. stout deal kitchen table fitted 2 drawers
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