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10  Feather bolster, ditto pillow and 3 blankets
11   China moderator lamp with shade and chimney , a carpet hassock, 2 water bottles, an oval galvanised iron tub, 2 tray candlesticks, and a piece of green baize
12   A 3ft. 5in. birch tray-top dressing table on castors, fitted, 2 drawers
13  A 4ft. 2in. grained chest of 8 drawers with locks, &c.

Right Front Room

14   The bordered carpet as laid, a 2ft, 6in. cast-iron fender, set of fire implements and a wire spark guard
15   A  2ft. 4in. tray-top washstand, 9 pieces of white fittings, a japanned footbath,  and a painted 3-rail towel airer
16  Japanned sitz bath, bath blanket, a wicker dress stand, and a rush-seat chair
17   Wall mirror in painted wood frame, plate 27in. by 15in., 3 cane-seat chairs, and a wicker linen basket
18    A 3ft. japanned iron stump bedstead
19    Two wool mattresses in blue check
20    Ditto in tick, a feather bolster, and a blanket
21    A 3ft, 2in. mahogany chest of 3 long and 2 short drawers, with brass drop handles
22   Two large wicker dress baskets with leather cases
23    Large cabin dress trunk, covered leather

Right Back Room

26   Square of bordered Kidder carpet
27   A 2ft. wire fender, wire spark guard, and a small swing frame mahogany glass

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