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hand between capital and labour.  It means "Peace with Honor" after long centuries of war.  It has been said and is said still, by those who know nothing of the history of the movement, that co-operation will not work.  As an answer to this there are now in England 1515 co-operative societies owning in the aggregate a share capital of £11,199,934.  (The Pioneer Society among these began in the year 1844 at Rockdale, by 23 workers clubbing together £1 each; it has prospered so well that it has now an income of £63,000 a year.) B. (We mean to work on the co-operative principle, our contributing shareholders supplying the capital, our non-contributing shareholders the labour, and both sharing profits equally.)

There are women's co-operative farms in the United States, there is one also in England if not more.  The one I speak of is in Sussex.  The ladies have a herd of Alderney cows and a number of ponies which they break in and sell in pairs.  Women make good farmers.  There are in England about 20,000, and in Australia already about 2,000 women farmers, so that though the Women's Co-operative Silk-growing Association is the Pioneer Women's Industrial Society in New South Wales, yet its members will not be by any means the first to engage in agricultural pursuits.

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