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477 Black morocco despatch box, a lac Japan letter rack, a pair of 5in. china pillar candlesticks, and a stereoscope and a number of photos
478 Cleverly executed Parian group, "Fox and Raven", under glass shade on stand.
479 Pair of 8in. Oriental bowls, a pair of 7½ in. blue figured vases, and a pair of green and gilt jardiniéres (1 repaired)
480 Small timepiece supported by soap-stone figures of man and sphinx, and an alabaster model of a tower under a glass shade on stand
481 A 12in. ground-glass tazza with turquoise and gilt studs, 2 small pebble vases, a small china flower vase, 3 small china ornaments, and 2 glass paper weights
482 Cedar wood and ivory card box with 2 lids, a bronze bell, and a metal box with hinged lid
483 A 19in. ground and ruby glass compotier, a chased metal goblet, a marble letter weight, a small japanese cabinet, and a wood box and cover
484 Circular case of stuffed birds on gilt shield, and a glazed ware jardiniere with palm
485 Oak letter box, 3 blue and white Japanese vases, 2 small Japanese shaped bowls, and a small wood inkstand


486 Pair of 4ft. 3in. circular wood pedestals, with 2 large rustic ware pots and ferns
487 Stone-work centre ornament with bird supports, and a pair of stone-work vases with plants
488 A 6ft composition flower box and plants, a 3ft. ditto and plants, and the wire trellis work on walls



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