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window. It was objected that until the Chancel was finished it would be useless to erect a window as it would run great risk of being broken in being moved when the church was finished & then the idea of the Memorial Chancel was first started mooted. I was consulted & objected. First on the score of expense, the Committee said replied they felt some £1000 would be raised very quickly. Then because I thought I objected on the score a memorial to him ought to be one in which all Denominations could join as I knew he was loved & respected by all Creeds, but the matter was carried against me. Meantime days weeks & months were rolling on & the Committee were talking. I told James Chisholm how it would be & begged him to let the Memorial drop entirely or else to content himself with the window & put the money out at interest but he & the rest of the committee were confident of enough. Then when they found they had failed they begged me to speak to Uncle Wm to finish the church as one Contribution to the Memorial so it might be ready for the window which they had  ordered. I confess I was annoyed then at their trying to force us to intrude in this manner, but in thinking the matter over I came to the conclusion that we might finish the Church independently of the Memorial fund which amounted to amounting to between £300 & £400 & that  which might be spent entirely on

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