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The Government have since decided to take up this work of instruction as a branch of the Agricultural Department, and we very willingly gave up to the Department the use of the Booral plantation for this purpose.

Meanwhile, we had decided on the purchase of a block of 46 acres, situated only ten minutes walk from the Wyee Railway Station, two and a half hours journey from Sydney.  Here we shall have our own school of instruction, small experimental rearings being carried on, before the trees are large enough to provide leaf in quantity.  The land is fenced, has a permanent creek, and a house of eight rooms besides a large kitchen and loft with windows which would make a dormitory.  5200 strawberry plants are already in the ground, and more ground prepared for rows of mulberry.  Whie the trees are young, peas as well as strawberries and flowers will be grown between the rows.  All these things as well as bees and fowls will yield a return the first year.  Our first workers, women of the real pioneer quality are already in residence there.  They have planted the 5,000 strawberry plants with their own hands.


Just a few words about co-operation.  C0-operation means the solution of industrial problems, the shaking of 

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