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Second Floor.-Left Front Room.

125  Two 6ft. birch cornice poles, ends, rings, brackets, 2 deal cornice laths, brass rods, and a pair of flowered dimity curtains with rope holders

126    The figured Brussels carpet as planned, about     yards

127     A 2ft. 6in. high wire and brass fender, set of steel fire implements, hearthrug, and a japanned coal purdonium, liner and scoop
128     Chimney glass in birdseye maple frame, plate 42in. by 32in.
129     A 3ft. 8in. pine panel bedstead with straw palliasse in 2 parts
130    Two wool and hair mattresses in canvas
131    Feather bolster and 2 pillows
132    Four blankets, and the flowered dimity bed canopy with poles
133    A 4ft. pine dressing table on castors, fitted 2 drawers, and an oval frame easel toilet mirror, plate 22in. by 16in.
134    A 7ft. mahogany dwarf wardrobe, the centre fitted sliding trays enclosed by pair of panelled doors, with 8 drawers at sides, locks and key
135   A 3ft. 8in. rosewood tray-top washstand and a 4-rail towel airer
136   Rosewood pedestal chamber cupboard and a 6ft. 3in. 4-fold paper panel screen
137   A 6ft.sofa, spring and hair stuffed, and covered in cretonne
138   Lady's easy chair, stuffed and covered in loose cretonne case, and 2 bentwood cane-seat chairs
139   A 3ft. satin and inlaid tulip wood card table, lined marone cloth
140   Nine pieces of red and white washstand fittings, japanned slop vase and lid, 2 ditto hot water cans, and a small bed-side table
141   Pair of miniature hand-worked banner screens on ormolu stands, 2 pairs of china pillar candlesticks, walnut stationery rack, an ormolu inkstand with glass receiver, and a wicker paper basket
142   Brass pole fire screen, with very handsome white silk banner, beautifully worked with various coloured butterflies
143   Crewel-worked quilt and an air cushion, covered in blue cloth
144   Very handsome fringed patchwork quilt

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