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to depend on, there are about one sixth of the wives who have to provide, not only for themselves and their childen, but sometimes for invalid or worthless husbands as well.
  Mr Coglan, when appealed to as to the correctness of this statement, said he had been horrified to find it was really so.  About one sixth of the husbands are living apart from their wives and in most cases the support of the family would fall on the wife.  These being the real facts of the case, how necessary are new fields of employment since all now open to women are overcrowded.
  In that first and last resource of women of all classes, teaching, there is now no living to be made excepting by those with already an assured position, or with a large circle of friends, and for those exceptionally qualified.  Even of lady B.A's the supply is beginning to exceed the demand.
  A lady in Woollahra advertised for some one to teach her little boy for two hours each day - she had 123 answers to her advertisement.  Another advertising  that she would give board and lodging in return for services as lady-help, had about 70 answers.  These instances occurred more than two years ago, the state is much worse now.

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